MD2PCE - Sega Genesis Controller Adapter for TG16/PCE/USB

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MD2PCE is an adapter that allows you to connect Sega Genesis controllers to the TurboGrafx16, PC-Engine and also PC via USB (XInput).

It's compatible with both 3 and 6 buttons Sega Genesis controllers. It also supports the 8BitDo M30 2.4g with its wireless DB9 receiver.

MD2PCE Adapter starts in 2 button mode, which ensures 100% compatibility with all PCE/TG16 games catalog. For games supporting 6 button controllers, you can switch to 6 button mode, and also switching back to 2 button mode, by pressing the combo keys: UP + B + C + Start.

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bootsector's eShop

bootsector's eShop